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Gum Health Is Important for Children

September is National Gum Care Awareness Month, so now is the perfect time to teach your children about gum health. The more they can keep their gums healthy, the better their overall dental health will be throughout their lives. What are the Gums For? Your gums, also...

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5 Ways To Swing Back Into School Habits

As we count down the last days of summer vacation, it can be tough to get back into the school routine! By starting to re-introduce the school year routine now, the transition from summer days at the beach to sitting in a classroom can be easier and almos But how...

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What are the Emotional Benefits of Smiling?

By: Dr. Kira Capozzolo In the past few years, our world has been turned upside down in multiple ways. Social distance limitations have made human connections harder to come by. As we yearned to connect more with our friends and family, it was the little things that...

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