Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it is time to break the candy mold! It is no secret that Valentine’s Day gifts are often filled with sweet treats like stuffed chocolates and candy. As delicious as those treats can be, they may not be as healthy for our bodies! Here are some fun and ‘dental friendly’ ways to get creative and celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kiddos.

1. Valentine’s Day Breakfast!

Breakfast is an easy way to show your creativity and affection towards your little ones. You can make heart-shaped pancakes with small pieces of apple or blueberries mixed in! A heart shape cookie cutter can also be used to make different heart shaped foods, such as eggs and toast. You can even use it to make cute, bite sized fruits like watermelon, kiwi, or pineapple!

2. Hand Stamp Bouquet

Homemade crafts are a super fun way to get your little ones engaged and involved with the gift giving of Valentine’s Day! Finger paints, markers, paper, and safety scissors can go a long way! Find red finger paints or your little one’s favorite colors to stamp hand prints into the shape of a flower bouquet. Depending on the child’s age, they may need a little help painting the stem or leaves. That being said, the more the kids try to do on their own, the cuter the project becomes!

3. “I think you are a-DOH-able!”

Another great alternative to giving out candy is finding a small toy replacement! Play-doh is an inexpensive and exciting treat to pass out to classmates or neighbors! Most kids are expecting to get only candy in their Valentine’s Day boxes and will be surprised to see such a fun toy instead! You can add decorations to the the playdoh to make it special for Valentine’s Day.

4. Of course, a little bit of chocolate is okay to have on Valentine’s Day!

If your little one’s receive candies on this super fun holiday, help keep their teeth clean and healthy afterwards. Make sure you remind them to brush 2x daily. Kiddos under the age of 10 will likely need Mom or Dad’s help reaching all of their teeth when brushing at night. Nightly flossing will help remove any leftover sugar stuck in between tight teeth. Valentine’s day is all about showing love and there is no better way to show love then to care about their oral hygiene!