Maybe you are struggling with feeding your newborn baby, and a fellow parent, Facebook friend, or Pediatrician has told you about a lip or tongue tie that might be at the root of your troubles. Now what?

It can be an overwhelming thought that our little one might need a ‘procedure’, but don’t fret! In Northern Virginia, we are blessed to have many ways of getting help!!

Here are some “basics” and quick tips for the best preparation if you are looking to schedule a Lip & Tongue Tie Consultation for your infant:

  • If you have not already done so, remember to add baby to your dental insurance policy or contact your HR Department to have them assist you in doing so.
  • Begin by reaching out to an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) that is experienced in caring for babies with ‘tethered oral tissues (TOTs)’ aka lip and/or tongue tie. If TOTs are interfering with proper function, they may have some great recommendations for release (frenectomy) providers who have the training and experience with oral assessment. These providers have the proper tools for a thorough frenectomy procedure like a Waterlaser.
  • Schedule your consultation with the provider. You will be given a link to complete all pre-appointment questionnaires. Pro Tip: If you complete the paperwork right away, this gives the office team the best opportunity to help you with any medical or financial/insurance considerations prior to your appointment. Try to make sure that both parents/caregivers are able to attend so that everyone benefits from the education and instructions.
  • During the consultation visit, the doctors will perform a detailed exam and have a conversation about clinical oral findings including anatomy of tongue, lips, buccal/cheeks, jaw size/shape/position and their impact on function. The doctors will review current symptoms and future considerations. This is the best time to discuss the benefits, risks, aftercare, any other medical concerns and optimal timing for procedure with your doctors in detail. If all of the above considerations are reviewed and ruled out, we are always happy to accomodate same day procedures for babies so that we are minimizing the number of appointments for your little one.
  • Plan to keep your schedule clear post procedure (no travel or major activities) and arrange for support at home with siblings if needed.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the office, and we will be happy to make sure you feel 100% prepared for your visits with us!