As we count down the last days of summer vacation, it can be tough to get back into the school routine!

By starting to re-introduce the school year routine now, the transition from summer days at the beach to sitting in a classroom can be easier and almos

But how should you go about it? Here are five things you can do to help make the transition a little easier for everyone!t pain-free!

1. Parents are usually more lenient in the summer when it comes to bedtime. So a couple of weeks before school starts, start putting your children to bed 15-20 minutes earlier until they are back to their regular bedtimes!

This will make regaining your usual nighttime routine less of a shock for the whole family 🙂

2. As you get back into the habit of bedtime, recommit to your child’s dental care schedule!

Every morning after breakfast, have your child brush their teeth for two minutes and every evening after dinner, help them to brush, floss and use their favorite mouthwash.

If you have trouble flossing in their mouth, try a Y-shaped floss stick made for kids!

3. For the mornings, you can lose a lot of time when a kiddo isn’t sure what they want to wear or changes their mind a few times at the last minute.

Instead of deciding the morning of, pick out kiddo’s outfit with them the night before. That way for the next morning, they only have to dress up!

4. Deciding what kiddo will eat the following day at night helps to save a lot of time in the mornings as well!

Pre-planning and meal prepping your kiddo’s lunch and after-school snacks can also make it easier to make healthy choices.

Choose foods like apple slices and nuts, low salt lunch meats (like turkey and chicken) and one ingredient snacks to avoid processed foods and sugars that can be harmful to our teeth and bodies.

5. If you haven’t already scheduled your child’s back to school doctor and dental visits, reach out to your pediatric team today!

Every kiddo is different, some kids are fresher and more cooperative in the morning, some are better after lunch or a nap.

Taking your kiddo in when they are most cooperative helps their doctor to do the best they can for your child and helps your kiddo have the best possible experience!

With these five points in mind, you will be well on your way to starting off the new school year right (and rested)!