Think back to when you were looking for a new dentist for your child. What requirements were on your checklist? How did you know which office to call? When did you know you had found a promising doctor and team to help you keep your child not only healthy, but comfortable? It is safe to say that most parents like yourself rely on reviews when searching for new healthcare providers? Dentists are certainly no exception!

When you find the dentist who could help you and your little one, think about the parents who are still out there searching and think about how your journey could help make another parent’s journey that much easier!

Here are some examples of recent reviews that not only make us smile, but provide helpful information for searching parents:

Highlight aspects that matter to you and your child:

“Dr. Rishita Jaju is a breath of fresh air. She is professional, informative, warm, honest, friendly, and very good at what she does. The office is beautiful and very inviting for her target clientele, children and families. I have no doubt she is the new, next-big-thing in NOVA.” –Habby T., McLean, VA

“I wish I could Benjamin Button myself so I could become a patient at Smile Wonders. This pediatric dentistry has it all from a play area for kids with video games and bright, shiny toys. All the sparkle and shine of the office would not matter if it did not have a great dentist behind it, and I’m here to say that Dr. Jaju is the real deal. I was also impressed by the front desk staff who very carefully explained insurance procedures to me and follow up with me via text to schedule my appointments. They made it super easy.” –Kimberly S., Washington, DC

It is also important to use the name of the procedure or service that you received:

“Let me start by saying that I absolutely love Dr. Jaju and her staff at Smile Wonders. We have been coming here since my son was 10 months old. The second Dr. Jaju saw my son she told me that he was lip tied and recommended doing a frenectomy. Now we go every 6 months for his routine exams and I love it. She always remembers you by name, remembers your kid’s name and the conversation you had last time. She takes care of you like you are family. Look no further…Dr. Rishita Jaju is the doctor you NEED!” –Frances M., Alexandria, VA

“Dr. Jaju is one of the most genuine, caring people I’ve ever met. I’m sure it has to be difficult for her to specialize in working with children who have special dentistry needs. Whether it is a special needs child or a baby who needs a frenectomy, Dr. Jaju has got to be under levels of pressure most people cannot imagine. As a parent you’d never know it. Dr. Jaju sets herself apart. If you’re considering her for anything, whatever the service, it’s worth it.” –Chris S., Washington, D.C.

Describe how the team made you feel that you had chosen the right provider to care for your child:

Dr. Rishita has my 6 year old literally bouncing with excitement across the parking lot when we go for her 6 month cleanings. We found Dr. Rishita when my son needed tongue and lip tie revisions as a newborn. She was gentle with my son and watched us nurse 5 minutes post procedure before we left the office. My daughter has had 3 cleaning appointments since then and counts down the days until she can see Dr. Rishita again. The hygienists are gentle, caring and thorough. I used to have to sit in the chair with my daughter, hold her hands and reassure her everything would be fine. At Smile Wonders, she hops into the chair with no problem and is happy to be there. We drive over an hour to see the Smile Wonders team but my daughter’s excitement and the amazing care are worth the extra drive time for us. -Megan M

“I have never worked with a better doctor; to say I was impressed would be a huge understatement. Dr. Rishita and her team were amazing. I have never loved a dentist/doctor so much. The feeling of someone genuinely caring about the wellbeing of your child is one you want with a doctor.” –Katie W., Alexandria, VA

“Wonderful service—beautiful facility! Dr. Rishita Jaju is the very best! She is very patient and extremely knowledgeable. The front desk staff and dental assistants are cheerful, polite, competent, patient, awesome…gosh I’m running out of words. Love, love, love Smile Wonders.” –J., Ashburn, VA

We’re so glad that our patients have a good experience when they come to Smile Wonders! However, nothing makes us happier than our patients helping other families with their experiences and knowledge. Your words can help reduce the stress and anxiety of parents still looking for the right provider.