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Specialized in Pediatric and Laser dentistry

Smile Rewards Club

Smile Wonders

We understand that children need and respond to short term rewards for long term benefits!

This program is especially designed to provide positive reinforcement and reward for healthy habits

There are a number of ways that our patients earn rewards points:

  • No cavities
  • Excellent brushing report from your dental care mobile app.
  • Checked-in on time for your appointments
  • All A’s report card
  • Mom’s little helper! And many more…. 

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Smile Ambassadors

No matter what your age… positive rewards work for young and younger alike!

This program is especially designed for our colleagues and parents that help us spread a smile:

  • Parents that refer a friend
  • Colleagues that refer their patients for specialized care
  • Children that refer their classmates

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Smile Advantage Membership Plan

Smile Advantage children

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