Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re like us, you’ve been busy thinking about ways to make mom happy that go beyond the stale “make dinner” or “go to the movies”. Let’s get creative this Mother’s Day:

1. Unleash your inner artist

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to unleash your inner artist with hand-made gifts. Paint her a picture. Put together a photo album. Carve her favorite pet out of a chunk of wood. And don’t worry—even if you’re a lousy artist, mom will always appreciate the effort you make.  

2. Get gardening

Go gardening with Mom on Mother's Day | Smile Wonders

If your mom loves to garden, then why not give her a hand this spring? Get some packets of flower seeds and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. This is a gift that mom will enjoy every time she leaves the house.

3. Hold a wine and paint night

Let’s be honest, wine could be added to just about anything on this list. But wine pairs best with creative activities, so grab your favorite bottle(s) of vino and roll up your sleeves with a wine and paint evening. You and mom will have a blast—guaranteed.

4. Involve the kids

It’s an indisputable fact that moms love sentimental gifts. Get the kids (or grandkids) involved with personal ideas. Paint their handprints and frame them. Let them pick out small contributions to a big group gift. You get the idea.

5. Make bath bombs

Make bath bombs with your Mom on Mother's Day | Smile Wonders

Who doesn’t love bath bombs? They’re the perfect way to destress after a long day, and you and mom can make your own in a single evening. Experiment with funky colors and fragrances you wouldn’t find in the store. Cinnamon vanilla sandalwood, anyone?

6. Put together a recipe collection

Who doesn’t love mom’s cooking? Get a collection of her favorite recipes together and test your skills this Mother’s Day. You can also pick out a few of your favorites and introduce mom to cuisine she’s never had.

7. Get family massages

Nothing says relaxation like a professional massage. Find a spa and order a round for mom and yourself. This can be a great bonding experience, plus, it’s sort of a double gift; aside from the massage, you’re giving mom a few moments where she’s not expected to do a single thing!

8. Do Karaoke

Granted, this one works best after a few glasses of liquid courage, but getting silly with a karaoke night is a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day. Rent a karaoke machine at home and belt out your favorite tunes. Mom will love it.

9. Whiten and Brighten her smile

Looking for a non-traditional gift? How about paying for a round of teeth whitening? Because let’s face it, the coffee that most of us guzzle each day can take a toll on our enamel. If you want to put a pearly smile on mom’s face this Mother’s Day, a quick session of whitening is a great choice.

Make Mom Smile

In truth, the best way to make mom smile this Mother’s Day is to simply show up. It’s a day of appreciation, and being together is the most important thing.